Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Where do I start?

1. My baby is three! This fills me with SO many different feelings. It is such a fun time to be his mommy, but it is also very challenging - like any of you moms don't know this! It also makes me super sad to think the past three years have flown by - and are only going to go faster with a new one on the way! Happy birthday Moose! Mommy loves you! Now, what do I do with all of the millions of toys he received from Christmas and his birthday????

2. New one...well, lets just say "it" is stubborn already! At my 16 week checkup, I had full intentions of finding out what it was. Everything worked against me doing so! It was breech, legs were crossed, umbilical chord was right in between the legs, and it was squirming like crazy! Needless to say, no boy parts were spotted, but we could not rule anything out! We don't care what we have and will be excited with either a boy part or a girl part, but the planner in me is going crazy!!! The good news...heart rate was great, it was growing, and it was moving all around - which I can feel sometimes! SO GREAT! I love being pregnant...even when I have to throw up!

3. Kyle has only 5 games left! We have had a great season - other than all the tally marks in the "L" category! Great meaning...the team has shown lots of improvement, Kyle has learned so much, and we sat through many of the games without drama (Holton and I, that is)!!! He did a great job, but I must say, the DVD player sure helps out the matter! I am proud of Kyle for showing integrity, teaching his kids life long lessons, and for persevering through a lot of difficult situations. I am proud to be the crazy wife, who screams at the refs, and supports the team at the games!

4. I DREAD uploading the pictures from the camera...so words will have to work for now! I will post later...

5. Thanks be to God who has answered so many prayers for our family...my mom in particular! The lumps in her breast do not appear to be breast cancer...big sigh!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us! Hooray for the snow delay tomorrow!