Monday, November 17, 2008

"I have two babies in my belly!"

These are the words Holton said after mommy told him she had a baby in her belly. Yes, that's right, a baby in my belly!!! Holton can have two if he wants, but mommy and daddy are pleased to have just one more coming (hopefully)!

We found out on November 3rd, when I came home to a postitive pregnancy test I had left on the side of the tub! I have taken so many lately that I didn't even check it before I left for school. When I returned home and went to the potty, I was pleasantly surprised to find two lines! Holton and I rushed to Target for more tests to confirm the confirmed pregnancy test before Kyle got home from work. The next day, I went to have my blood work and urine test done and it was verified on Wednesday. Then it was time to spread the news to all of our family members - and now hopefully everyone knows! It has already been a whirlwind!

We wanted to let Holton break the news, so we had him dress as a construction worker -thanks to the Glover family in my class who gave Holton the cutest apron!!! Then, his name tag said "Big Brother Holton" and the work order said:

Job: Hendrix Family Add-On
Job Site: Lubbock, TX
Completion Date: July 15, 2009

It was pretty cute and he had fun doing it!

Now, I ask for each of you to pray for me and my growing baby - that we will be healthy, safe, and rested!

We are SO thrilled though to have another addition into our family!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Black Out Texas!!!


Can you believe this football season? I have always been a HUGE Tech fan, but this year, even more so! Kyle and I had so much fun rooting our favorite team beat Texas! BTW, I loved dressing in black - go figure!!!

Tailgating Fun ~

Inside the Jones...

We love the Madrid's!

This still gives me the chills! We were emotionally drained!!! WOW!!! GO TECH!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Holton finally understood what Halloween was about this year~Trick-or-Treating. We had SO much fun! If you know Holton, you know he is CRAZY about golf and we found the cutest costume for him. He was Payne Stewart and loved every minute of it! We traveled all over west Texas, but it was great to see all of our family and share some Halloween spirit with everyone! Enjoy the pics...

Grandma Dell and Grandpa Hugh (Abernathy)

Nina and Papa with Payne Stewart (Slaton)

Brynlee and Carter

(cousins from Slaton)

Little Granny Beard

GG Threet

Aunt Rie Rie

Nanny and Papa