Monday, April 27, 2009

Let me check my schedule...

So, we had our 29 week appointment today for Kole. He is still looking big, but we will know more next week when we have our 3D with Dr. Hales. Dr. Killeen told me to go ahead and schedule the d-day!!! It seems like so far away - but really only 9 more weeks! I know time will fly....

When we check-out, the nurse says, "When do you want to have him?" Such an odd question...I kind of laughed and said, "Let me look at my calendar...REALLY!!!" It's not like I could say, "I have a hair appointment on Tuesday, so that won't work." So we decided to go with Wednesday, July 1st at 9 AM. I am so excited, but that nervous feeling has definitely come back.

Now to my list of things to do before he arrives...AAARRRGGHHH!!!

Poor Kyle...his honey-do list is growing quickly! Love to all!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter 2009 has come and gone. It was such a great day to remember - JESUS IS ALIVE!!! This was the talk out of the mouths of the four year olds that I help with at church. It is great to hear this remarkable story from a four year old!!!

Brynlee and Carter (our neice and nephew) got to come stay with us yesterday and spend the holiday with us today! We had SO much fun!!! Their mommy and daddy (and Grams - of course!) are dying to see the Easter here goes...We love you Grams and we pray for you every night! I know you are one strong woman!

Here we are coloring Easter Eggs...somewhat chaotic...but it turned out ok. Thanks to all the help from Nina and Nanny!!! Who spilled the dye? That would be me...not the kids! SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Hard at work decorating the eggs

Getting ready for bed - I love bathtub pictures! Holton absolutely ADORES his cousins and will follow Carter anywhere. Guess we need a DS?!?!?!

The Easter Bunny came while the kids were asleep. I could have mistaken him for Santa! The kids were so excited to see their goodies and hunt the color-coded eggs! (That must be the teacher in me...sorry!) Look at their sleepy it!

Church - I never thought it would be such an ordeal to get 5 people ready for church! WOW!!! How do Jon and Kate do it? The kids looked adorable and I was so proud of myself for fixing Brynlee's hair! The little toot...before I got her picture - she already had it ripped out! Sorry Amy - at least she is holding the bow! Now I know your frustration...

How sweet!!! Little snooze before the hunt! She is in LOVE with her Uncle KyKy! It really hurts my feelings! She really wants nothing to do with me.....UURRRGGGHHH!!! (Maybe I will try M&M's????)

The annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Kirk's house - My family has been a part of this hunt ever since I can remember. It was fun to see these kids hunting eggs in the same spots I did!
We love you Smith kids!!! This was the best Easter yet :)