Monday, November 17, 2008

"I have two babies in my belly!"

These are the words Holton said after mommy told him she had a baby in her belly. Yes, that's right, a baby in my belly!!! Holton can have two if he wants, but mommy and daddy are pleased to have just one more coming (hopefully)!

We found out on November 3rd, when I came home to a postitive pregnancy test I had left on the side of the tub! I have taken so many lately that I didn't even check it before I left for school. When I returned home and went to the potty, I was pleasantly surprised to find two lines! Holton and I rushed to Target for more tests to confirm the confirmed pregnancy test before Kyle got home from work. The next day, I went to have my blood work and urine test done and it was verified on Wednesday. Then it was time to spread the news to all of our family members - and now hopefully everyone knows! It has already been a whirlwind!

We wanted to let Holton break the news, so we had him dress as a construction worker -thanks to the Glover family in my class who gave Holton the cutest apron!!! Then, his name tag said "Big Brother Holton" and the work order said:

Job: Hendrix Family Add-On
Job Site: Lubbock, TX
Completion Date: July 15, 2009

It was pretty cute and he had fun doing it!

Now, I ask for each of you to pray for me and my growing baby - that we will be healthy, safe, and rested!

We are SO thrilled though to have another addition into our family!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Black Out Texas!!!


Can you believe this football season? I have always been a HUGE Tech fan, but this year, even more so! Kyle and I had so much fun rooting our favorite team beat Texas! BTW, I loved dressing in black - go figure!!!

Tailgating Fun ~

Inside the Jones...

We love the Madrid's!

This still gives me the chills! We were emotionally drained!!! WOW!!! GO TECH!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Holton finally understood what Halloween was about this year~Trick-or-Treating. We had SO much fun! If you know Holton, you know he is CRAZY about golf and we found the cutest costume for him. He was Payne Stewart and loved every minute of it! We traveled all over west Texas, but it was great to see all of our family and share some Halloween spirit with everyone! Enjoy the pics...

Grandma Dell and Grandpa Hugh (Abernathy)

Nina and Papa with Payne Stewart (Slaton)

Brynlee and Carter

(cousins from Slaton)

Little Granny Beard

GG Threet

Aunt Rie Rie

Nanny and Papa


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Husband's Favorite Things...

I was tagged by Kori (thanks!!!) - so here goes...
1. Being with Holton and me

2. Duke Bluedevils

3. Coach K

4. texting

5. Dr. Pepper

6. adidas coaching shirts

7. adidas tennis shoes
8. adidas wind pants

9. adidas jackets

10. adidas socks...(get the is seriously his wardrobe everyday...Tough I know! Yes, dear, you look so attractive in it!)

11. ESPN

12. the remote control (I don't even know how to work it!!!)

13. our kind of reclines (Put it in reach of the tv and remote and he is set!)

I love you honey!!!

Now I tag...
Kristin, Rachel, "Mrs. Willard" and Ginger

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Finally I am going to post another entry! Where do I start???

Well, this weekend, I ran in my first 5K! I had the opportunity to run with Cooper vs. Cancer in Race for the Cure. My goal was to finish without walking (which I knew would be somewhat challenging since my running buddy off and left me this summer). But, I did it!!! It was such a great feeling to cross the finish line! I will have to admit that I was rather nervous about this for many reasons. One, I am SO out of shape and 10 pounds heavier since the last time I ran this far. Two, I haven't competed in a running event since eighth grade track...WOW!!! And last, I am so clumsy that I just knew I would end up on the news falling on one of the other 7,000 runners!!! But I didn't even fall ~ surprise! It was a great accomplishment for me!

Next, we have been extremely busy since school started. I am sure we are the only ones... ha ha! It just seems so much worse this year. We are never home, yet when we are home, I am so busy picking up after my little whirlwind. Why even have a house cleaner? My house is wrecked 30 minutes after she leaves. Sorry Yolanda!!!

Back to has been SO great! I have a precious class of 24 kindergarteners. That makes me exhausted just to think about. But they really are the cutest kids ever! Kyle is getting geared up for basketball season, which am I! I will be a single mommy again for another 5 months. But, we really enjoy it. I mean, how can you not enjoy watching your husband turn 87 shades of red, pace up and down the sideline, and yell at the top of his lungs? All the while, chasing a two and half year old in the bleachers and taking him back and forth to the disgusting bathroom. (And did I mention, when he gets home, he recaps all the things that frustrated him?) Thank GOD for all of our family fans that come to help out! Truly, I really do like being a coaches wife...seriously! I am so proud of Kyle!

Holton has been doing GREAT!!! He is officially potty trained ~ which makes me SO proud! Everyone always said boys took longer to get potty trained, but he has done so good! We went to the fair, which he LOVED! He is a thrill seeker and rode everything - for little kids that is! He also ate EVERYTHING!!! Which brings me to his new favorite food...SHRIMP!!! Who would have thought that a 2 year old would want to eat shrimp? He eats everything! He is doing great in school (other than putting pom poms and rocks in his nose and Kung Fu'ing his classmates). His teachers seem to love him, but I think it is because I have to spoil them for putting up with his craziness! He is such a punkin'!

Speaking of pumpkins, I am so glad Fall is here!!! LOVE IT!!!

Now...somebody better leave a comment after all of this ranting!!! Bye for now ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Papa Jack

Papa Jack left us on Friday night. He had a blood infection that ended up shutting down his system.

Papa and I were very close! I will cherish the many memories I have of him. In particular: the denim overalls he wore everyday as he cared for his farm animals, the many tractor rides we took, fishing in his ponds, swimming in his pool, his wild stories from WWII, his undying love for my Granny, and his adoration of my son - which he nicknamed...BRAT!!! He taught me so many things and I believe he and I share many personality traits! I am so grateful we had him in this world for 86 years, but it is never a good time to lose your papa!

To add to my memories, I was able to be with him as he took his last breath, which I will never forget.

I know you are in Heaven now, but we sure miss you down here!

Please pray for my family!

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Hospital Visit!

July was a very accident filled month! In mid July, Holton fell into the wall at school and got his first black eye. He asked everybody, "What happened to my poor wittle eye?" Of couse, he milked it for all it was worth!

The following weekend, Holton was at Harley's birthday party and fell off the ladder on the playset. He cried for about 10 minutes and then continued playing - but he was really giving to his left arm. Kyle called me (I was at Kori's house with the girls) and we decided to go ahead and get it checked out at the ER. Holton was a ham and had way too much fun for being in the hospital! Two and a half hours, and a whole lot of laughs later, we left with a buckle fracture in his left radius. Yes~he is left handed, but he has learned to use his right arm pretty good! When we went to see the pediatric ortho, he decided it would be best without a cast (thank GOD!) and gave us a removeable brace that he will be wearing for 4 weeks! Poor Holton!!! He has been spoiled rotten for the last couple of weeks!

Thanks to all of our family and friends who have SPOILED our little guy! The ER trip would have been a nightmare without Nanny and Papa! He loves the bowling set Nina and Papa got him, the book from Alesha and Cameron, and the nerf ball gun from Steph, Andy, and Maggie Claire! But even more, thanks EVERYONE for visiting and checking on him daily! We love you guys!

For some reason, my pictures won't upload, but I will try to get them up soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had the best summer! Many times, we caught ourselves going through our second the Slip and Slide! Holton loved it!

Run Nanny, Run!

Yes...mommy had fun, too!

Jumpin' Jungle is GREAT!
Holton and Hunter
This is their second play-date. They were so tired and ready to come home at the end! I loved getting to visit with you Ginger! Hunter is a doll!

We got to play golf at Runaway Bay. Holton does a great job and can smack the ball farther than I can! Kyle really like to rub that in! Kyle is a pretty good coach, too! Holton had so much fun playing and driving the cart!

Like father ~ like son!

I love to play golf with Dad!

My favorite part of golf...the water jug!
I love my Nanny and Papa!

The family in Branson, MO riding the train

Big Boy Room

It is really hard to believe Holton is big enough to be sleeping in his big boy room. The first night was heartbreaking as he climbed into this huge bed with his little body! He is growing up way too fast!

It took Kyle and I two days to get it finished, but we thought it turned out pretty cute! Holton is very proud of it, too!

He loves his new "wed wockers" ~ so much he climbed in a went pee-pee and poo! SICK!!!

Basketball (Kyle painted it!)

Baseball, bat, and base (I painted it!)

Football and Boxing Gloves (Kyle painted them!)

Soccer Ball (I painted it!)

Golf - his favorite sport (I painted it!)

Dallas Trip

Kyle had a coaches clinic in Arlington and I decided to go with him. We had a great time and Kyle spoiled me! We played, ate, and shopped the whole trip! He even took me to Sambuca, which I highly recommend for a romantic evening with your honey!
Kyle and I at our favorite Ft. Worth spot~Joe T. Garcia's! We never miss a chance to dine and sip the margarita's! MMMMmmmm!
Joey, Heather, Hollie, and Kyle at the Ranger game....HOT - literally! We had a blast!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I need to go potty!

This is all we have heard for the last week! He is doing really well, but doesn't want to poo-poo in the potty! Any suggestions moms?

He is too cute in his big boy underwears! We bribed our child with m&m's - obviously his favorite!

Swim Lessons

Holton had the opportunity to take private swimming lessons this year at my dear friend Stacy's pool. It is truly amazing to watch him in the water! Mrs. Amy was WONDERFUL! He is now able to go underwater, holding his breath, and swim about 6 feet!