Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Mr. Koleman Lane Hendrix...

Thursday, July 2nd was a bitter-sweet day for the Hendrix Family. While we knew it would be the last day as a family of three, we decided to take the time to cherish H and adore our last remaining minutes with just him. We had a great morning at Legacy Play Village and had a family picnic. It was a nice time...for me anyway!!! I had all of this planned, not even thinking about how obnoxiously HUGE I was! I sat in the shade because it was blazing HOT and I was not be able to do much playing or chasing. But, Kyle being the great daddy that he is, stepped up like always and made it super special for H! That evening, we celebrated the 4th of July so I could pop some firecrackers with him - being that I would in the hospital on the actual day. It was fun - if you like firecrackers...they pretty much make me a nervous wreck! Too many days as a child being chased and tormented by them - thanks to my crazy cousins! Where was my super-protective mother during these escapades? J/K mom! We left H with my parents that night because we knew the next morning would come way too early for him to be with us. Bitter to leave my first born, yet sweet to know what was about to enter this world!

So here we are July 3rd, 5:30 am...not an ounce of sleep the night before...too many nerves! I had thrown up before we left...partly nerves, but mostly b/c I was STARVING!!! I don't do well without food! Don't worry, Kyle had his Whataburger in the car...smelling so we drove to the hospital! Before you call him a jerk, it was initiated by me. Kyle is the type to "pass out" during my surgeries - so I was willing to smell his breakfast then not have him by my side.

Finally, we are admitted. Gown on - check, no bra - check (I HATE THIS!!!), IV in - check, waiting - check, check, check, check! We were supposed to deliver at 8:30 - but we got bumped back 4 times due to emergencies! Yes, frustrating, but I just kept thinking about the other women. If I were in that situation, I would want to cut in front of someone who was not in any state of emergency - which would be me. I was very patient - even though I am STILL starving!

We go into surgery at 11 ish (I think). Spinal in - check, catheter in - check, on the table - check, Kyle with me - check, me throwing up in the OR - check, doctors talking about cars while cutting me open - check, anesthesiologist answering his cell phone during my surgery - check,

Finally, at 11:30, Koleman Lane Hendrix born - CHECK!!! He looked smaller than Holton to me, but she weighed him in (after 2 t-t's) at 9 pounds, 3 ounces - 22 1/2 inches! Just perfect!

I begged to have my baby with me during recovery, and they let me - after I took meds to make me stop throwing up. It was the most precious time I have EVER shared with anyone. He was wide awake and knew it was me...his momma! TEAR!!!

Back to our room we go! We had lots of family and friends to share this time with us and we will always be grateful for this.

Recovery has been not so fun! I lost lots of blood during the surgery, which made me anemic. I look like a vampire and Kyle blames it on the Twilight series I have been infatuated with...whatever!!! I have no blood in my face and look rather pale - especially my lips. I threw up the entire first day of Koleman's life and have a spinal headache from the spinal tap I had for surgery. It is the WORST pain of it all. I don't see how you migraine people do it!!! I feel like such a weenie b/c I am not a complainer - but this sucks! I finally feel better, but have to constantly rest or my headache comes back with a vengence...not fun! Oh and did I mention I am doing all of this without pain meds b/c I cannot tolerate them - they make me CRAZY! I would rather hurt than feel loopy...

Here are some pics of our newest addition! He is a great baby so far! Holton absolutely loves him and so do we! Did I mention he and Holton are basically identical twins - 3 1/2 years apart??? It is really weird - I will post comparison pics later:)

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out! We couldn't have done it without all of you! Most importantly, thanks to our Heavenly Father who has made this miracle happen. We are blessed!