Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

I have been scolded for not updating this blog...so here goes! We're busy! It's Fall...what do you expect?!?!
School is -well - it's school! BUSY BUSY BUSY! My class is wonderful and super cute! Yet, I keep comparing them to last year's dream class!
Kyle has started basketball season again! Seems to be enjoying his team - even though he is with them at 6:30 am! He doesn't enjoy much at this hour of the day - so I guess this is a good thing! He is still in grad school and will be finished in March-ish! I am so proud of him.
Holton is being a typical three year old boy. We bring home far more sad faces from school than happy faces - which is really making me crazy! I do not want him to be "that kid"!!! He knows exactly what he should do to make good choices, he just chooses not to do them ;) Gotta love his personality! NAUGHTY - yet so precious - and super SMART!
Koleman is doing great! He is such a WONDERFUL baby. Very easy to love! Holton is extremely proud of him and wants to show him off to everyone we meet. He will be 4 months old next week and we will be having a "Happy Cereal Birthday Party!" This boy LOVES to eat!
That is it for now~and at this rate, I will be posting again in February...ha! Happy FALL!!!

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